HERITAGE Collection


HERITAGE – a collection of carpet tiles that captures the rich history and diverse landscapes of Flanders, Europe. From the shifting coastline to the fertile polders, HERITAGE has translated the very essence of these lands into five tactile designs – Cobbles, Haze, Dune, Meadow, and Polder – invites you to reflect on your roots and identity, while contributing to a legacy that will endure for generations.

Dune, Meadow & Polder achieve Cradle to Cradle certification.


Cobbles with its speckled design, is all about the cobblestone roads with their typical granite structure, shifting colours and irregular shapes.

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The 65km coastline in the North-West of Belgium with its beaches and grassy dunes is the inspiration behind this range. The many delicate forms and shapes from the dunes over time is captured in the Dune range.

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The river Leie plays an important role in the Belgian heritage. At this river you can see the mist over the water as it spreads through the landscape. This graceful fog is mimicked in the pattern of Haze.

Haze comes in 6 natural and muted colours, both as loop pile and cut pile.

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Meadow interprets the curves of a typical landscape through Belgium and translates the rhythm of the grass swaying in the wind into an organic carpet tile design.

Link to: MeadowLink to: Meadow


Polders are the iconic view of high ridges and deep furrows that form some kind a sand sculpture through farming throughout the Flemish landscape.

This repetitive linear pattern is what defines the Polder range.

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