Forrest Place, WA

Forrest Place


“Located in a refurbished inner city heritage building, this unique speculative fit-out was designed to appeal to a creative tenant. Executed within a relatively modest budget, new built elements are differentiated from the heritage features and fabric whilst being complementary and deferential. Soft, subtle tones and textures sit calmly within the space while custom designed, locally made furniture lends a bespoke feel.  

.. Organic forms in lighting and loose furniture punctuate the space as a series of informal mediations.

Overall, while physical interface was minimised with the space’s existing features, the placement and design of the new items truly enhances the building’s heritage fabric”Rezen Studio

Project name: Forrest Place | Level 4
Location: Perth CBD | Western Australia
Architect: Rezen Studio
Brand: tretford
Range/s: Custom Rugs
Format: various  | radial curved edges
Colour/s: Wild Rice 555 | Mushroom 517
Photographer: Jack Lovel Photography

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