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Handcrafted in Australia | Using tretford goat hair carpet
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Collection: Vieira


Designers + Makers

Collection: Vieira

by Markian

Designers + Makers

Collection: Block

by : Martin Reid ID

Industrial Designer

Collection: Block

by Martin Reid ID

Industrial Designer
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Collection : Curiously Positioned

Greg MacLaughlin


Collection: #Play

by : Sarah K

Interior / Product Design

Collection : #play

Sarah K

Interior / Product Design

Collection: Shards

by : Fiona Lynch

Interior Designer

Collection : Shards

Fiona Lynch

Interior Designer

Collection: Fields

by : Fiona Lynch

Interior Designer

Collection : Fields

Fiona Lynch

Interior Designer

Collection: Gibbon Group

by : Celia Harmon

Rug Consultant at Gibbon Group

Collection : Gibbon Group

Celia Harmon

Rug Consultant – Gibbon Group

Product Information / Technical

tretford rugs

Brand: Tretford Cord Carpet
Formats: RUGS (loose laid or adhered to substrate)
Sustainability: Global Greentag Level A – (Tretford Roll certification used
for custom inset rugs)

Our handcrafted rugs are manufactured in Australia by joining colours from the Tretford ROLL carpet to create custom pieces.

tretford carpet has exceptionally clean, elegant lines due to its unique construction using cashmere goat hair.

tretford’s natural properties actively reduce airborne dust and allergens, promotes energy saving, and facilitates excellent indoor acoustics.

Product Features

  • Natural cashmere goat hair fibre
  • Sustainably sourced through Mongolian goat farmers
  • 4 colours completely free of dyes – Dapple Grey 512, Silver Birch 538, Pear 611 & Silver 515.
  • Custom size and/or shape
  • Custom design combinations
Sizes: All sizes available
Construction: Loop (ondule)
Backing: Recycled PET Felt Backing
Face Fibre: 80% goat hair
Pile Weight: c. 1200 g/m²
Total Height: 9mm


tretford Care & Maintenance Booklet.

This applies to all Tretford products including Roll & Tile.

  • CUSTOM RUG Project Booklet
  • Includes :
    • Sample Warranty
    • Rug Placement
    • Care & Maintenance
    • Fire Certificate
    • Environmental Certificate

Treford Rugs

Product: tretford Custom Rugs
Colour(s): e.g. Aegean 704 (was 614)   /   e.g. 3 x colours TBC
Design & Shape: e.g. Solid Colour / Custom Design / Custom Shape
Overall dimensions: ………mm Length x …….mm Width *
Format/Lay Method: As per recommendations Loose-laid / Installed or inset ** (adhered to substrate)
Profile/Thickness: 9mm
Lead Time: Approximately 6-8 weeks *** (pending stock availability)
Supplier: Gibbon Group
Contact us for your local representative details

* rib direction runs parallel to the width – please follow this format when specifying

** please refer to Installation Instructions for Tretford Roll & Rugs

*** subject to change

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Please Note :  Due to a global alignment of the Treford brand – some colour names and/or codes have  changed – however, the actual colour palette remains the same.

Reds & Warm Tones