Custom Rugs


Handcrafted by us in Australia

And there’s more than one way to create your perfect rug…

_ Send us your design

Celia, our in-house rug design consultant, can take your ideas and produce full production drawings.

Just send us an email with one of the below :

  • A sketch
  • A diagram
  • An image
  • A PDF file

And we can give you a quote.

Or chat to us over the phone to discuss your needs:

+61 7 3881 1777

let’s save you time….!

_ Choose from ours

Save time by choosing from our Designer Collections.

Some well-established designers and artists have put their ‘signature look’ into designs for tretford in a rug format.

Customise to suit:

  • Choose your own colours from the tretford palette.
  • Size up or down to suit your space.
  • Modify the outer shape.

Talk to Celia about your options.

Our designers love you to use them as inspiration….

_ We design for you!

We know how overwhelming a blank slate can be so we can:
  • Create a design based on your input.
  • Provide possible options based on existing tretord designs
We can then send you:
  • A detailed drawing in your selected colour palette.
  • A costed quote of your final design .

Speak to Celia – our in-house rug designer…

our story

Our clients say tretford‘s look is ’cool & architectural – but with the warmth of natural’.

And ever since we launched tretford into Australia in the mid 90’s, our clients have asked for tretford in a rug format.

With its wonderful distinctive corded look and unique construction, tretford custom rugs  are a much sought-after design solution.    No need for edging – which is just one part of what makes tretford rugs so special.

In Gibbon Architectural’s workspace in Brisbane, we handcraft your tretford Custom Rug for you.

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