care & maintenance

For over 50 years, tretford Carpet has been one of the healthiest carpets manufactured. This is reflected in the whole production process where natural goat hair fibre and other raw materials are brought together to make its unique construction.

Natural fibre carpets – like goat hair, wool, alpaca and sisal – CANNOT be treated the same as Man-Made fibre (eg. nylon) carpets.

Specific maintenance guidelines for natural fibre carpets apply.

Of course no carpet lasts forever or is 100% stain proof, however with regular vacuuming and proactive maintenance, years can be extended to the performance and appearance of your new carpet.

Routine Maintenance

Here are some simple guidelines to ensure you protect your investment.

  • Vacuum weekly (or more as required for heavy traffic areas). See vacuum recommendations below.
  • Professionally clean every 12-18 months – see recommended cleaning methods below.
  • Use furniture support caps under chairs, table and lounge suite legs.
  • Use barrier mats/protectors in very heavy traffic areas and outside doorways to trap dirt from shoes and animal paws.
  • Reposition furniture periodically to assist in the even distribution of foot traffic.


Regular vacuuming – at least weekly and more frequently in high traffic areas – should be the top priority in your maintenance regime.  This should be all areas, including along skirting boards, under furniture and in non-usage areas to get a  thorough vacuum. As a rule, consider a vacuum cleaner that has a rotating brush which agitates the pile and loosens soil particles trapped in the fibre as well as a vacuum fitted with micro filters which effectively collects all residues in a disposal bag.

Gibbon Group (as the Australian Distributor of tretford Carpets), recommends the use of barrel head vacuum cleaners that work to “lift” the fibre during cleaning and remove more debris from the base of the carpet. Vacuum brands such as Sebo & Dyson have examples of barrel head vacuums.

Failure to properly maintain these areas will void all or part of the warranty coverage.

Spot Cleaning

Goat hair is naturally more stain resistant than other fibres, so there’s not much need for added stain protection chemicals, however no carpet is 100% stain proof.

Being proactive and treatment your spots and spills quickly will give you a much higher chance to achieving a good outcome. Please refer to the table below should soiling/staining occur to your tretford carpet.


1-2-8 Blood 2-13 Egg 2-10 Milk 1-2-6 Urine (Fresh)
10-2 Butter 2-6-8 Faeces 4-10 Nail Polish 2-8 Urine (Dry)
9-10 Candle Wax 1-2-8 Fruit Juice 1-2 Paint, Latex 2-6-8 Vomit
3-10-8 Chewing Gum 10-2 Furniture Polish 11-13 Rust 9-10 Wax, Candle
10-2 Chocolate 8-2-8 Gravy 10-2 Shoe Polish 12-2-8 Wine (Red)
1-2-8 Coffee 12-2 Ink (Ballpoint) 1-2-8 Tea 1-2-8 Wine (White)
10-2-8 Cooking Oil 10-2 Ink (Felt Tip) 8-2 Tomato Sauce
2-10 Cream 2-10 Ice Cream 2-10 Toothpaste
1 Cold Water
2 1 x teaspoon mild detergent, (wool approved) & 1 teaspoon vinegar in 1 litre warm water
3 Chill with ice cubes in a plastic bag or aerosol freezing agent – pick or scrape off
4 Clear nail polish remover (without lanolin)
5 Rust remover (requires professional carpet cleaner application)
6 Clear household disinfectant
7 Vacuum immediately
8 Rinse with warm water – pat dry
9 Place absorbent paper over wax and apply hot iron to paper
10 Dry cleaning solvent such as white spirits – blot/pat
11 Mix 1/3 cup white vinegar with 2/3 cup of water
12 Clear soda water – blot/pat
13 Seek professional carpet cleaning

Interim Deep Clean

tretford carpet should be professionally cleaned every 12 – 18 months to remove any sticky soil that has lodged itself into the carpet fibre. Shampooing and do it yourself steam cleaning are not recommended. ONLY low moisture extraction methods can be used on your Tretford Carpet.

All Wear Warranties are void if the following low moisture, deep cleaning options are not used.


Chem-Dry Hot Carbonation Extraction:

  • Chem-Dry offer Hot Carbonating Extraction technology where carbonated water along with safe (Green Certified) non toxic agents give a deep clean. Their powerful extraction process means that 92% of the water they use is removed from the carpet.
  • When contacting Chem-Dry use the code “TRETFORD” so they can allocate their most experienced operator in your local area.

HOST Dry Extraction Method:

  • HOST uses natural Green Seal Certified sponges to encapsulate foreign oiling in the carpet fibre, which is then vacuumed out using their specialist equipment.
  • tretford Carpet Cleaning Kits contain HOST sponges and Spot Remover solution and are very effective at removing stains and highly recommended for your tretford carpet.

Insect Resistance

Tretford Carpet treats all their carpets to deter infestation and damage from moth and insects. The presence of such insects in an indoor area is due to environmental factors out of their control. The treatment does not stop insects from entering your home and moth/insects in some areas have developed a level of tolerance to treatments. This treatment is embedded in the carpet fibre and needs to be ingested by the insect to have an effect – meaning that some fibre loss can occur – so prevention through regular housekeeping is essential.

If infestation does occur, it is the responsibility of the consumer to arrange for the professional eradication of the insect to prevent damage being done to the carpet. The cost of doing this is the responsibility of the consumer.

For this reason, it is imperative for ongoing preventative maintenance to be carried out to reduce the risk of infestation. This includes regular vacuuming especially around walls, including the use of a nozzle to get into the very corners and edges of the rooms, and periodical vacuuming under furnishings such as lounge chairs. Surface sprays can also be used around the edges of carpeted rooms every 6 months or so to deter insect attacks.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Limited Wear Warranty -Lifetime Anti-Ravel/Non Zipper Guarantee.

The manufacturer warrants that Tretford Carpet will not wear more than 25% in the 5 years following its installation, provided it is installed and maintained indoors according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

This warranty covers carpet wear (loss of pile) and does not cover soiling, crushing, or tracking.  It is pro-rated based on 5 years of service and is applicable only to the original purchaser of the carpet and not transferable.

The warranty is conditional upon proper installation of carpet and in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS-2455. The warranty will only be applicable to carpets maintained in accordance with recommended care practice (detailed above) including, but not limited to, regular maintenance.

Tretford guarantees do not cover:

  • Damage due to improper installation (e.g.wrinkling, tuft losses, seam peaking)
  • Damage caused by improper maintenance and/or failing to carry out proper routine maintenance in accordance with the recommendations listed above.
  • Damage caused by, or where the wear resistance, soil resistance, stain resistance and/or other attributes of the carpet are adversely affected by strong chemicals (e.g. bleach, pool chemicals etc.) or the application of any topical treatments (including fungicides, bactericides, biocides, antistatics, stain resistance, some cleaning agents).
  • Damage that results from underfloor heating or carpet being placed over other carpet are also excluded.

If you should have any issues with your Tretford Carpet, you should contact your original carpet retailer immediately, who shall arrange an inspection of your carpet.