Vintage Collection

Pixel, Patchwork and Pattern, part of the Vintage collection group, create striking themes that relax in recalling times past and inspire through imagining a bright and positive future-scape.


Incorporating hues of grey, brown, blue, turquoise and red, the everlasting pixel perfect designs of this collection create a classy look & feel. Its style and charisma instantly open a window to the past.

Link to: Pixel


Patchwork adds a gentle touch of authentic vintage charm to any setting. 9 rich colour variations create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that inspires elegance and sophistication.

Link to: Patchwork


Bold and vibrant, yet subtle and elegant: this timeless, contemporary collection instantly makes precious memories come flooding back. Pattern’s crisscross design is available in a rich palette of 9 colour tones.

Link to: Pattern