Litho 208, Litho Gradient 208, Core 208
Mezzo 672, Mezzo Gradient 672, Core 672
Mezzo 659
Etch 901, Etch Gradient 901, Core 901
Core 012, 853
Core 501, Litho Gradient 501, Litho 501
Etch 010, 904
Litho 398, Litho Gradient 398, Core 398, Etch 010
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ARTCORE Collection


The ARTCORE Collection has been created to bring natural biophilic design elements into a space, while at the same time offering endless creative possibilities.

Available in a selection of nature-inspired colours with optimal light reflectance values (LRV), which lower energy consumption and contribute to productivity and wellbeing, ARTCORE is rooted in the philosophy of biophilia.


The four distinctive ranges are designed so that you can create beautiful flooring using either a single range in the Collection or  create truly organically-designed patterns that flow between the base design.

 CORE – the foundation design – ETCH, LITHO and MEZZO – connect using CORE.

Here is an example of how to create organic designs with ARTCORE:

All ranges achieve Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold.


CORE is the foundation of the ARTCORE Collection, bringing a raw but steady rhythm to your design space with its organically flowing transitions to one of the three other ARTCORE styles. It styles with MEZZO, LITHO and ETCH fitting together in various ways to make your space ambitiously unique.

Link to: Core


ETCH brings a natural woven structure of linen with a highly patterned style.
This range allows your inner artist to transition to CORE with ETCH Gradient to create a fluid pattern that moves smoothly from side to side of the room and defines zones.

Etch 010

Etch Gradient 010

Link to: Etch


LITHO creates an urban and structured look for your design space. You can experiment with the design by adding more tranquility with a transition to CORE, the basic design of ARTCORE, with the LITHO Gradient tiles. These contrasting patterns will help differentiate between zones.

Litho Gradient 398

Litho 398

Link to: Litho


With the philosophy of biophilia, MEZZO has a calming organic pattern that connects you to nature and offers many mental benefits. MEZZO reduces stress, boosts energy, and also creates a smooth pattern transition in the floor layout.

You can make a connection to the raw and linear design of CORE with MEZZO Gradient tiles and instantly change the expression of your space.

Mezzo 672

Mezzo Gradient 672

Link to: Mezzo