“Design, work, cost optimisation, Karré ensures the overall control of all aspects of the development of your future workspace. Fluidity, functionality, elegance, our aim is to transform your professional space into a source of motivation and well-being for all your employees”.  Karre Studio

Karre Studio featured the transitional design element of  the ranges Vision & Motion in this corporate space for Epicture, along with the rich textural effect of Haze Loop Pile in 604 green.

Project name: Epicture
Location: France
Architect: Karre Studio
Brand: Modulyss Carpet Tile
Range/s: Haze LP | Motion | Vision
Format: 50cm x 50 cm Tile
Colour/s: Haze 604 LP | Motion 210, 511, 991 | Vision 511, 914, 991