Bazalt Groep_EU

Bazalt Groep EU

Zeegroen, the designers of the new Bazalt Groep office space in the bustling heart of Den Haag, Netherlands, wanted  to capture the serenity of the Dutch coastline and bring inside.  Polder & Dune carpet tiles from  modulyss were an integral part of this concept as they were designed by the Manufacturer to capture the essence of the Dutch seaside and fertile polders in the landscape.

Project name: Bazalt Groep
Location: Netherlands,  Europe
Architect: Zeegroen
Brand: modulyss Carpet Tile
Range/s: Dune | Polder
Format: 50cm x 50 cm Tile
Colour/s: Dune – 102 | 683 | 908,  Polder – 102 | 683 | 908