Morris + A&B

Morris + A&B Showroom

Agnostino & Brown – long-time supporters of tretford Custom Rugs – have partnered with their great friends at St Morris Upholsterers to bring a new collaborative Showroom to Kensington Gardens SA.

tretford Custom Rugs are integral to how they showcase their unique collection of furniture, artwork, and design pieces – where limited editions, natural materials with beautiful Australian-made craftsmanship are featured.

Project name: Morris x A&B – Showroom
Location: 340 Magill Road, Kensington Gardens, Melbourne VIC
Brand: tretford Custom Rugs
Format: Various shapes | Solid Colours
Colour/s: Cashew 602 | Marzipan 613 | Pear 611 | Silver 515 | Thym 642
Photographer: Qi Shen (@qi.sh7 )