Regionale Sociale Dienst (RSD)

Regionale Sociale Dienst, (RSD)

A stunning example of how the various modulyss ranges can be coordinated together to bring colour and life to a corporate space. The new reception and office areas for the Regionale Sociale Dienst (RSD) in Dienst, The Netherlands, were transformed into a positive & engaging environment for both clients and employees, promoting their wellbeing as its prime interest. Thanks to the innovative play with texture and colour,  all elements of the interior space have been integrated into a tactile and dynamic unity.

“6 collections with different finishes were mixed and matched to give the space an extra rich texture….”

Project name: Regionale Sociale Dienst (RSD)
Location: Dienst, The Netherlands, Europe
Architect: Helga Snel Architect, Jeffrey Ruele Architect
Brand: modulyss Carpet Tile
Range/s: DSGN Absolute, Cambridge, Fashion&, Grind, Alpha, Step, Millenium Nxtgen
Format: 50cm x 50 cm Tile
Colour/s: Various