Flex Fitters

Self-adhesive tabs – a sustainable alternative to traditional adhesive installation.

Used for installation of back2back carpet tiles & planks.


  • Adhesive-free (no drying time).
  • Constructed with recyclable PET.
  • Removal, replacement & recycling made easy.
  • Subfloor has no adhesive residues.
  • VOCs – negligible amount.
  • Compatible with any back2back carpet tile (except our minituft carpet tiles) and installation method.
  • 1 box = 500 pieces, installing about 100 m².

How to install

Instructions using Flex Fitters in 9 easy steps…

Step 1

This is what you’ll need.

Step 2

Switch off the underfloor heating.

Step 3

Open and remove the boxes.

Step 4

Check and level the substrate.

Step 5

Remove any dirt.

Step 6

Determine the starting point.

Step 7

Install carpet tiles with Flex Fitters – sticky side up!

Step 8

Cut tiles if needed – add Flex Fitters.

Step 9

Roll the tiles in order to fix.