6 fashion inspired carpet themes

design away with fashion&: a timeless base with 6 fashion inspired themes

Fashion& uses the power of colour upon a timeless base for a look that adds personality to any space. With its linear texture, subtle shine and 36 rich colourways, Fashion& brings a carpet tile for every style. Working as the perfect tonal base to the beginning of a powerful layout, or as a free-form expression of colour in bold blocking, Fashion& lets you pick your own flooring style.

___ 01 pop

for the bold of spirit.

The bright and brave tones of Pop are sure to bring the punch and vibrancy to amaze.

___ 02 scandi

representing soft minimalism.

The calming pastel hues of Scandi showcase
a more subtle side, representing soft minimalism
and setting a sophisticated textural base for
elegant interiors.
#subtle #calming #softnaturals #minimalistic #duskypastels

___ 03 new luxury

indulge in new luxury.

Indulge in New Luxury, presenting an honest opulence in gold, aqua and navy that are at the edge of contemporary.

colours that never lose their verve!

___ 04 retro


confidence-boosting tones.

Choose for colours that never lose their verve with the confidence-boosting tones of yellow, orange and brown of Retro.

___ 05 new natural

the captivating beauty of the natural world.

New Natural resets and revives with its deep and absorbing greens and blues, inspired by the captivating beauty of the natural world.

___ 06 grey

a sense of calm reflection.

For those looking for a sleek finish, the exclusive silver tones of Grey imbue a sense of calm reflection.

office for creative thinkers

The brief:

The design for the relocated Clemenger office – located in the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct within the historic Pier 8/9 at Millers Point – called for an engaging dialogue between the forward-thinking and energised creativity synonymous with the Clemenger brand as well as the rich heritage of the historic Pier.

The concept:

Bates Smart looked at developing a design that would resonate with the strong brand culture and identity of the Clemenger Group, having recognised the process and workflow of the organisation by providing a “blank canvas” on which to allow a creative overlay.

“… a distinct line between the existing architecture and the expression of new insertions.”

The design solution:

The design concept translates into a muted palette that neutralises the space and invites people to fully inhabit and own the space around them. This creates a distinct line between the existing architecture and the expression of new insertions.

A series of overscaled blocks echo the rhythm and shapes inherit to architecture, a concept translated from the scale of the historic pier. These blocks have been composed into a series of interlocking sculptural pieces forming stairs, joinery and furniture items that engage with the human scale.

“… hundreds of geometric shaped carpet pieces were accuralety cut by hand and fashioned together for stunning effect.”

Gibbon Group was called upon to create custom fit-for-purpose tretford rugs made to exacting scale and specifications. tretford carpet’s natural pile combined with its innate corded structure offered the right balance of comfort and solidarity.

Bates Smart designers chose a palette of tretford Charcoal and Double Cream for their striking design. A repeatable pattern combining hundreds of geometric shaped carpet pieces were accurately cut by hand and fashioned together for stunning effect.

The overall fit out is so dynamic, inviting open interactions between its people and clients and embraces this central to their creative process.


This Bates Smart design of the Clemenger Group Sydney office was shortlisted for Workplace Design in the Australian Interior Design Awards.