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Learning Spaces For The Future

Danielle Brustman at the NGV

Carpet in a Post-Pandemic World

Carpet tiles – a solution for the post-pandemic design challenges ahead.

Helga Snel architecten, Sociale Dienst, Zeist © 2018

Designing for COVID safety looks to be with us for the foreseeable future.
You can create personal spaces while also providing visually appealing guidelines that adhere to your COVID plan.
…….carpet tiles can provide a flexible solution for the post-pandemic design challenges.

___ a personal bubble…

We all know about defining space, personal bubbles and separate zones…..

For social distancing : 50 x 50cm tiles – an easy 1.5m !!

___ a ‘new normal’ world….

– designing for safety…

Directional design :
…..assists with wayfinding

___ Signs for clarity….

Signs : a Modulyss Range featuring 4 different icons
Arrow | Hands | Distance | Feet
…..provides clarity for social distancing.

Each sign is made up of 2 colours of the First Forward range and is available in 8 colours in total.
Any colour combination with these 8 colours is possible.
The inner circle of Arrow is completely customisable so it can point in the exact direction you want.

Modulyss achieves Cradle to Cradle™

Modulyss have now achieved

Cradle to Cradle™ Gold and Silver!

This is no small undertaking and underlines modulyss’ ambition to cut down on waste and to set the standard for the flooring industry.


Modulyss’ recyclable ecoBack backing, which is PVC and bitumen free and contains a polyolefin-based layer with at least 75% recycled content, also received a Cradle to Cradle Certified™ GOLD certificate.


___ Cradle to Cradle™ Gold

Modulyss Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold products

___ Cradle to Cradle™ Silver

Modulyss Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver products

  • MossSILVERLeafSILVERWillowSILVER: 586, 592, 668, 810, 850, 961, 966, 983
  • GrindSILVER: 586, 668, 850, 961, 966, 983
  • Millennium NxtgenSILVER: 061, 102, 125, 140, 200, 210, 322, 355, 411, 482, 505, 511, 550, 555, 579, 626, 669, 684, 695, 817, 847, 883, 900, 907, 915, 918, 942
  • TxtureSILVER x MxtureSILVER: 524, 573, 684, 883, 914, 957, 961
  • DuskSILVER & DawnSILVER: 10B, 10M, 14B, 14M, 21B, 21M, 55B, 55M, 57B, 57M, 93B, 93M, 96B, 96M

Modulyss ecoBack achieves Gold

Not only is this backing solution PVC and bitumen free, but it also contains a polyolefin-based layer with minimum 75% recycled content.     At the end of its lifetime, it can be disassembled and recycled into a first grade new backing.
The Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold ecoBack is a specialised backing that is designed to contribute to the circular economy.

why we love tretford?

why we love tretford?
The more things change – the more we look for the comfort of constant … And yes … tretford is always the same – beautiful natural goat hair with 48 superb classic colours (some have been around longer than most of us!!) … and we love that … BUT …

welcome to the flip side.
You see, tretford Tile still gives you the comfort of all your favourite colours but now with an 80% recycled post-consumer felt backing! Introducing: Tretford ‘INTERLIFE’ Tile… a truly healthy carpet tile – MORE sustainable than before.

We’re celebrating 100 Years in 2020

australian business since 1920.

celebrating 100 years.

How many truly Australian born companies do you know in the architectural flooring space? How many of those are 100 years old? In 2020, Gibbon Group has reached this milestone and we’re celebrating 100 years of relationships and synergies. Join us, if you will, as we indulge in a bit of our proud heritage.

relationships & synergies.

100 years and five generations of the Gibbon family have resulted in the Gibbon Group of today – a national wholesale distributor of best-in-category commercial carpets, along with superior flooring installation accessories for the flooring trade. Gibbon Group is proud to be Australian-owned, managed by Ainsley Gibbon, 4th generation, with her two daughters Georgia and Celia also actively involved in the business.

Read our full story here


it’s time to celebrate.

Calling designers and architects! To celebrate our new and long standing connections, we are offering you a further 10% off your already discounted rate to purchase a custom tretford rug for your own home or office.

terms and conditions apply *

Contact us for a quote

* Terms & Conditions: Valid until 15th December 2020 | Designers & Architects personal and own office use only | Not valid for project specification work | Rug(s) must be ordered before the 15th December 2020 | Loose laid rugs only | Direct customer invoicing only | Full payment required prior to production | Subject to Gibbon Group standard terms and conditions. View our privacy policy.

Watercolour Inspired Fluid&

watercolour inspired.

fluid& carpet design

Fluid&, the newest addition to the coordinated &collection, is a mind-blowing carpet tile range that brings a bold splash of colour, elevating the look of commercial spaces in many ways.

___ 01 fluid& inspiration

perfectly imperfect.

Fluid& is inspired by the organic, free-flowing aesthetic of adding paint to water. It reflects natural fluidity and rejects any need for flawless precision. In fact, it embraces the opposite: Fluid& is perfectly imperfect in its approach to pattern.


___ 02 fluid& colour

luscious colours.

The colour palette of Fluid& includes luscious tones of ochre, grey, blues, rust and greys. Harmonising beautifully with all products in the &collection; the colour, pattern, and textures of Fluid& can be used alongside the subtle linear texture of Fashion& or the vintage velvet look of Velvet& for a tone on tone effect.

#ochre #green #blues #rust #greys

___ 03 fluid& technology

technological synergies.

Utilising in-house, high-resolution print technology onto engineered polyamide yarn, the striking print of fluid& is a premium example of modulyss’ design identity and the technological synergies of the manufacturer.

“reject flawless precision & embrace the perfectly imperfect.”

___ 04 fluid& pattern


biophilic timeless elegance.

With a flowing pattern that’s forever elegant, Fluid& offers new creative possibilities to commercial interiors. Whether you want to add extra depth to mix&match layouts, or use this powerful design on its own, Fluid& is ready and waiting for your next project.

___ 05 fluid& in 3D

the mesmerising 3D effect of fluid&.

Fluid& has a 3D effect that is created thanks to the dull/bright mix in textured loop, combined with the organic tip sheared velours design.

6 fashion inspired carpet themes

design away with fashion&: a timeless base with 6 fashion inspired themes

Fashion& uses the power of colour upon a timeless base for a look that adds personality to any space. With its linear texture, subtle shine and 36 rich colourways, Fashion& brings a carpet tile for every style. Working as the perfect tonal base to the beginning of a powerful layout, or as a free-form expression of colour in bold blocking, Fashion& lets you pick your own flooring style.

___ 01 pop

for the bold of spirit.

The bright and brave tones of Pop are sure to bring the punch and vibrancy to amaze.

___ 02 scandi

representing soft minimalism.

The calming pastel hues of Scandi showcase
a more subtle side, representing soft minimalism
and setting a sophisticated textural base for
elegant interiors.
#subtle #calming #softnaturals #minimalistic #duskypastels

___ 03 new luxury

indulge in new luxury.

Indulge in New Luxury, presenting an honest opulence in gold, aqua and navy that are at the edge of contemporary.

colours that never lose their verve!

___ 04 retro


confidence-boosting tones.

Choose for colours that never lose their verve with the confidence-boosting tones of yellow, orange and brown of Retro.

___ 05 new natural

the captivating beauty of the natural world.

New Natural resets and revives with its deep and absorbing greens and blues, inspired by the captivating beauty of the natural world.

___ 06 grey

a sense of calm reflection.

For those looking for a sleek finish, the exclusive silver tones of Grey imbue a sense of calm reflection.

tretford carpet supports life on the water

The event:

“Victoria Amazonica is a work commissioned by the NGV for the NGV Triennial”, says Ewan McEoin, Senior Curator Design and Architecture. The work is a collaboration between internationally acclaimed furniture designers from Brazil, artists from Larapinta Valley Town Camp, and Alice Springs-based designer Elliat Rich.

The concept:

Victoria Amazonica 2017 was based initially on a sketch Humberto Campana made in Alice Springs of a giant South American lily. This exuberant, large-scale soft domed structure features intricate embroidery by the Yarrenyty Arltere Artists that tells stories of rain, rivers and water.
Gibbon Group’s design team produced a handmade tretford rug to support the structure created by Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana in collaboration with Yarrenyty Arltere Artists, designers Elliat Rich and James Young and the Centre for Appropriate Technology – all based in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

“The colours of the forrest reflected in tretford Lichen’s natural heathered green and golden yellow fibres.”

The design solution:

Humberto Campana (Designer) explained, “The idea is to work with the tradition here in Australian with the indigenous people and to create patterns with the nylon nets. Bring the tradition of the flora of the Brazilian forest; the Victoria Regia plant, the water plants, and to make a pavilion inspired in this.”
“We are so proud to see all these people here in Melbourne to see what work we are doing. We did a good job with our hands and we sowed everyday. When we walk into the art centre we’d just sew,” says Marlene Rubuntja (Artist – Yarrenyty Art).

“…when people walk inside they will see this kind of kaleidoscope of stories about water …”

Elliat Rich (Production Designer) suggests, “The idea that flows through all of it is this idea that water and our relationship to water across in Sao Paolo but also in Central Australia and how we have very different relationships to water, so when people walk inside they will see this kind of kaleidoscope of stories about water … and not, here is a river … here is a lake … but really the way that water flows through and brings the country and Central Australia to life.”
Watch how this amazing project came together in the video at NGV website.

office for creative thinkers

The brief:

The design for the relocated Clemenger office – located in the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct within the historic Pier 8/9 at Millers Point – called for an engaging dialogue between the forward-thinking and energised creativity synonymous with the Clemenger brand as well as the rich heritage of the historic Pier.

The concept:

Bates Smart looked at developing a design that would resonate with the strong brand culture and identity of the Clemenger Group, having recognised the process and workflow of the organisation by providing a “blank canvas” on which to allow a creative overlay.

“… a distinct line between the existing architecture and the expression of new insertions.”

The design solution:

The design concept translates into a muted palette that neutralises the space and invites people to fully inhabit and own the space around them. This creates a distinct line between the existing architecture and the expression of new insertions.

A series of overscaled blocks echo the rhythm and shapes inherit to architecture, a concept translated from the scale of the historic pier. These blocks have been composed into a series of interlocking sculptural pieces forming stairs, joinery and furniture items that engage with the human scale.

“… hundreds of geometric shaped carpet pieces were accuralety cut by hand and fashioned together for stunning effect.”

Gibbon Group was called upon to create custom fit-for-purpose tretford rugs made to exacting scale and specifications. tretford carpet’s natural pile combined with its innate corded structure offered the right balance of comfort and solidarity.

Bates Smart designers chose a palette of tretford Charcoal and Double Cream for their striking design. A repeatable pattern combining hundreds of geometric shaped carpet pieces were accurately cut by hand and fashioned together for stunning effect.

The overall fit out is so dynamic, inviting open interactions between its people and clients and embraces this central to their creative process.


This Bates Smart design of the Clemenger Group Sydney office was shortlisted for Workplace Design in the Australian Interior Design Awards.