e w wealth

E W Wealth

tretford Custom Rugs from the Gibbon Group Collection were featured in this corporate fitout for E W Wealth by Sentio Studio,  where the rugs and furniture provided added colour dimension to the otherwise quite neutral interior finishes in the space.

Project name: Emanuel Whybourne Wealth
Location: Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Architect: Sentio Studio
Brand: tretford
Range/s: Custom Rugs
Format: Rug 1 : Circle | Rug 2 : Rectangle
Design: Gibbon Group Collection – Rug 1 : Pygmy | Rug 2 : Tamarin (Custom)
Colour/s: Rug 1: Charcoal 710, Sage 519, Silver 515 / Rug 2 : Silver 515, Dried Lavender 527,  Freshwater 705
Photographer: Steve Ryan Photographer