Watercolour Inspired Fluid&

watercolour inspired.

fluid& carpet design

Fluid&, the newest addition to the coordinated &collection, is a mind-blowing carpet tile range that brings a bold splash of colour, elevating the look of commercial spaces in many ways.

___ 01 fluid& inspiration

perfectly imperfect.

Fluid& is inspired by the organic, free-flowing aesthetic of adding paint to water. It reflects natural fluidity and rejects any need for flawless precision. In fact, it embraces the opposite: Fluid& is perfectly imperfect in its approach to pattern.


___ 02 fluid& colour

luscious colours.

The colour palette of Fluid& includes luscious tones of ochre, grey, blues, rust and greys. Harmonising beautifully with all products in the &collection; the colour, pattern, and textures of Fluid& can be used alongside the subtle linear texture of Fashion& or the vintage velvet look of Velvet& for a tone on tone effect.

#ochre #green #blues #rust #greys

___ 03 fluid& technology

technological synergies.

Utilising in-house, high-resolution print technology onto engineered polyamide yarn, the striking print of fluid& is a premium example of modulyss’ design identity and the technological synergies of the manufacturer.

“reject flawless precision & embrace the perfectly imperfect.”

___ 04 fluid& pattern


biophilic timeless elegance.

With a flowing pattern that’s forever elegant, Fluid& offers new creative possibilities to commercial interiors. Whether you want to add extra depth to mix&match layouts, or use this powerful design on its own, Fluid& is ready and waiting for your next project.

___ 05 fluid& in 3D

the mesmerising 3D effect of fluid&.

Fluid& has a 3D effect that is created thanks to the dull/bright mix in textured loop, combined with the organic tip sheared velours design.