kennards storage

Kennards Storage

Kennards Storage commissioned SJB Interiors to create a new working environment in Sydney which resulted in a series of spaces that reflected the communal and relaxed ethos of this family-owned business.

“SJB Interiors set about creating a series of spaces within a space. Meeting rooms, workstations, breakout spaces, the public foyer and waiting areas are arranged across a polished-concrete floor plate. Big, brave orange and blue livery greet you as you walk in the front door, but as you climb the new stairs, the coloured regalia starts to soften. At the top of the stairs a custom-designed rug by Fiona Lynch spans the foyer across to a birch ply reception desk with a soft orange-wash frontpiece. The mix of furniture was chosen with the intention of being a bit of a conversation starter: furniture components in varying hues of eclectic blue inhabit space off to the side, and corrugated-cardboard Wiggle chairs by Frank Gehry were selected for the waiting lounge – the perfect piece for a self-storage company’s fitout.”    David Welsh,  ArchitectureAU

Project name: Kennards Storage, Sydney NSW
Architect: SJB Interiors
Product: tretford Custom Rugs
Range/s: Fiona Lynch designs
Shape: various rectangles & sizes
Colours: Brilliant Blue,  Orange Squash, Double Cream, Charcoal, Bilberry, Night Sky
Photography: Tom Evangelidis