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House Lincoln

“A mini tower addition turns a modest suburban bungalow into a versatile courtyard home, with only a small increase to the footprint. The distinctly modern new form is softened with curved lines, echoing the original mid-century home.

Defining the new central kitchen / dining area is a sculpted ceiling that draws in light and treetop views, adding drama and volume to the heart of the house. ”  Those Architects

tretford carpet –  Evergreen 565 – on the stairs created a connection to the two distinct architectural styles – both in this context and also through tretford’s own history spanning nearly 70 years.

Project name: House Lincoln – extension
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Architect: Those Architects
Brand: tretford
Format: ROLL – 2metre broadloom
Colour/s: Evergreen 565
Photographer: Luc Remond Photographer