bundoora campus RMIT

bundoora campus RMIT – student accom

by David Congram

“The challenge for designers becomes one of designing student accommodation that is simultaneously functional, cost-efficient, and conducive to a happy, healthy place to live.”

Richard Middleton Architects encountered such a challenge when designing the Bundoora West Student Accommodation Project at RMIT’s Bundoora West campus in Victoria. Defying popular convention that dictates that student housing need simply be as dense as possible, the project instead sets its sights on community, sustainability, and amenity. At every scale, design elements are carefully considered for their potential to impact the experience of student residents.”

Project name: Bundoora Campus RMIT, Victoria
Architect: Richard Middleton Architects
Product: tretford Carpet
Range/s: Tile
Shape: 50cm x 50 cm Tile – (quarterturn)
Colours: Dapple Grey 512
Photography: Diana Snape Photography