Brighton St – Early Learning

Brighton St – Early Learning

Interior Designer Danielle Brustman collaborated with Perkins Architects to deliver a truly innovative approach to the interior space of this Early Learning Centre in Richmond.

Colours and materials that are often used in education can be a bit crude and institutional. I wanted to completely break away from that model and present child-friendly spaces that felt more personalised and fun. In total, we specified 47 interior paint colours.

We wanted the centre to a have a hand-made, natural and unique feel about it, so each play room had been allocated a motif. These included river, lake, meadow, forest, star, sun and cloud. I used these themes to come up with a narrative, palette and treatment for each space. It was important that the rooms had their own character and feel. It was also important that the flow between the spaces was cohesive. Ultimately I wanted these spaces to be nurturing and stimulating.”  Danielle Brustmann

The distinctively designed wall murals correspond to the floor and rug designs and all work beautifully together.

Danielle created 7 Tretford rug designs – Forest, Sun, Star, Cloud, Meadow Lake and River.   Her colour compositions reflect her ongoing journey of exploration with their complementary or discordant relationships, creating unexpected harmonies and groupings that are particularly exciting to discover in this early learning environment.

Project name: Brighton St Early Learning Centre
Location: Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Interior Designer: Danielle Brustman
Brand: tretford
Range/s: Custom Rugs
Format: circular x 7
Colour/s: Forest: Burgundy 577 / Gobi 646
Sun: Jonquille 568 / Steppe 631
Star: Amethyst 589 / Genghis 641
Cloud: Aquamarine 576 / Bilberry 514 / Genghis 641 / Khalka 629 / Peacock 588 / Sayan 628 / Steppe 631 / Wild Rice 555
Meadow: Apple 528 / Argun 602 / Evergreen 565 / Gobi 646 / Lichen 566 / Jonquille 568 / Olive Tang 699 / Prairie 643 / Tundra 604
Lake: Amethyst 589 / Burgundy 577
River: Evergreen 565 / Uzbek 515
Photographer: Sean Fennessy

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