Carpet in a Post-Pandemic World

Carpet tiles – a solution for the post-pandemic design challenges ahead.

Helga Snel architecten, Sociale Dienst, Zeist © 2018

Designing for COVID safety looks to be with us for the foreseeable future.
You can create personal spaces while also providing visually appealing guidelines that adhere to your COVID plan.
…….carpet tiles can provide a flexible solution for the post-pandemic design challenges.

___ a personal bubble…

We all know about defining space, personal bubbles and separate zones…..

For social distancing : 50 x 50cm tiles – an easy 1.5m !!

___ a ‘new normal’ world….

– designing for safety…

Directional design :
…..assists with wayfinding

___ Signs for clarity….

Signs : a Modulyss Range featuring 4 different icons
Arrow | Hands | Distance | Feet
…..provides clarity for social distancing.

Each sign is made up of 2 colours of the First Forward range and is available in 8 colours in total.
Any colour combination with these 8 colours is possible.
The inner circle of Arrow is completely customisable so it can point in the exact direction you want.