Coloured in 2020 @ the NGV

NGV Triennial – Coloured in 2020

Melbourne-based designer – Danielle Brustman – has created a truly inspired work ‘Coloured in 2020’  as a site-specific installation for the NGV Triennial.  It is the exhibition design for her work ‘Spectrum: An Exploration of Colour’, which features works from the NGV Collection while incorporating her own furniture and lighting design work.

‘Coloured in 2020’ is a spectacular bringing-together of notions of colour and form and a playful nod to Le Corbusier’s Colour Keyboards.  In the installation piece , designer Danielle Brustman strives to challenge the perception of private and public space, creating a colour narrative where the dynamic keyboard pattern connects with display cases in the architectural environment of the exhibition, in particular making reference to Leonard French’s multi-coloured cut-glass ceiling in the Great Hall..

Danielle saw the possibilities for using Tretford carpet as the medium in this installation and through her stunning use of colour, she shows how the tretford palette can be transformed.  She extends this sense of play to her kids workshop at the Triennial with a Le Corbusier-inspired colouring-in device and activity sheet as part of the Triennial events kids festival. – open for a limited season in 2021.

“Using the coloured carpet across the floor and balcony walls creates a physical and visual link between the corridor and balcony spaces and the entire installation.  

The use of carpet speaks to the domestic and architectural nature of Le Corbusier’s colour keyboards in their primary iteration. I used the tretford Carpet range for its extensive colour range and robust natural fibres.”  Danielle Brustman

Various colours of tretford Roll were used in juxtaposition to the colours of Leonard French’s stained glass ceiling of the Gallery – the carpet was brilliantly installed by C4 National Flooring Services, VIC.

Project name:  NGV Triennial – Coloured in 2020 – Installation -Victoria
Architect: Danielle Brustmann
Product: tretford Carpet
Range/s: ROLL – 2 metre wide
Shape: 2m wide Roll
Colours: Anthracite 534, Apple 528, Bilberry 514, Blackberry 584, Brilliant Blue 516, Burnt Orange 559, Burgundy 577, Caribbean 628, Cashew 602, Damson 520, Dark Chocolate 714, Diplomat Red 593, Evergreen 565, Freshwater 705, Fog 648, Indigo 708, Jonquille 568, Khalka (disc), Lipstick 631, Magenta 707, Marzipan 613, Midnight (disc), Night Sky 542, Orange Squash 585, Peacock 558,Pear 611, Petrol 579, Rose 588, Silver Birch 538, Taupe 712.
Photography: Sean Fennessy Photography