Froebel Early Learning

Froebel Early Learning

A light neutral colour palette with the added warmth of timber are used in the main areas in Silverton Fuller’s refreshing approach to early learning environments.

tretford Custom Rugs using the soft textural neutrals of Silver and Thym were designed in various sizes and radial curved edges.

The colour Prairie in tretford ROLL was coved up the wall, giving a warmth and softness to the space in the resting rooms.

Project name: Froebel Early Learning
Location: Melbourne Connect, Carlton, Melbourne VIC
Architect: Silvester Fuller
Brand: tretford 
Range/s: Custom Rugs + ROLL
Format: various dimensions   + 2 metre broadloom
Colour/s: RUGS : 515 Silver | 642 Thym  +  ROLL : 643 Prairie
Photographer: Shannon McGrath

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