Davidson Recruitment

Davidson Recruitment

Davidson Recruitment worked with the team at Comuniti to rejunvenate their Brisbane workspace to embody their core values and passions for people.  In the project, Comuniti used numerous colours in the Tretford palette in conjunction with other flooring finishes to reflect the values and social pillars of the organisation. The design intent to consider the values of their client and to translate into “an authentic environment for them” has been duly recognised by the design industry in the Awards nominations below.

Excerpts of interview with Melissa Marsden – Director of  Comuniti…

Project: Davidson

“We began with a comprehensive discovery process, allowing us to engage at a deeper level to understand the values and the essence of what it meant to be part of Davidson. The client’s brief was minimal; they wanted to accommodate their 60+ employees in a practical and professional space. We explored their values and passion for people and helped them communicate this through the natural flow of the workplace.

Our process added enormous value in taking Davidson from “just another office” to creating an environment authentic to them. The values of Diversity, Equality, Inclusivity and Community are at the heart of this project, brought to life by the communities they work with. The circular lounge in the café is a direct nod to the Yarning Circles of the Yalari Mob, reflective of the indigenous gathering point through the use of space and earthy colour tones, grounded by the circular rug and emphasised by the suspended light fittings. This space reflects the strong alliance with the Yalari Mob and represents their communication traditions.  Material selections were made consciously to engage with ethical and sustainable manufacturers…”

Award of Merit – Designers Australia Awards 2021DAA 2021 – Place Category – Award of Merit

“The Jury was keen to acknowledge Comuniti with an Award of Merit to create a considered response for the client. Diversity, Equality, Inclusivity and Community are at the heart of this project.     Conscious decisions were made regarding bespoke material selections to engage with ethical and sustainable manufacturers and suppliers. Materials and colour palettes reflect organisational values and social pillars in conjunction with the client’s brand identity. The design considered the diversity of employees, with the space ensuring individual preferences were balanced for mental and emotional wellbeing.”

Shortlisted for the Idea 2020 AwardsWorkplace Under 1000 sqm
Project name: Davidson Recruitment
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Architect: Comuniti
Brand: tretford Carpet
Range/s: ROLL – 2 metre wide
Format: 2 metre wide – in various shapes / designs
Colour/s: Apple 528, Aquamarine 569, Burnt Orange 559, Deep Purple 581, Dried Lavender 527, Freshwater 705, Heather 530, Mushroom 571, Night Sky 542,  Petrol 579, Wild Rice 555
Photographer: Mindi Cooke Photographer