Allconnex Water

Allconnex Water

Following the merger of three local council water utilities, Allconnex Water was in search of a new premises to consolidate their new position as one of South East Queenslands water utilities. An open tender was called for companies to design and construct the new premises in the new Robina Rocket.

Smith Madden were shortlisted among 15 applicants and subsequently secured the appointment to the project. With a minimal brief available from the water utility, it was up to Smith Madden to provide a solution which would provide Allconnex with a best practice workplace.

Utilising their experience from working with other large scale corporate firms and the wealth of knowledge accumulated from their Workplace Transition Study’s, Smith Madden were able to confidently present Allconnex with a solution that would see their workplace into the future.

The finished result is a testament to Smith Madden’s unique ability to really understand the guiding principles in workplace design. Spread over 5 floors, the workplace utilises a consistent planning method to deliver uniformity and a key driver for Allconnex, equality.

The planning provides flexibility encouraging expansion and contraction of teams. Each floor is provisioned with meeting rooms, quiet rooms, open informal collaboration spaces, print utilities and kitchenettes with a singular large scale staff café encouraging movement throughout the building and informal knowledge sharing.

The finished space has been embraced by the staff of Allconnex, a fact that is sure to see staff retention and attendance numbers increase dramatically.

Project name: Allconnex Water head office
Location: Robina, QLD
Architect: Smith Madden
Photography: Aperture – Scott Burrows
Product: tretford Carpet
Colour/s: ROLL
Colour/s: Lettuce Leaf 580, Lagoon Blue 567, Lichen 566, Peacock 558, Burnt Orange 559